Make Money With Direct Sales in Scrapbooking

Direct sales allow you to be your own boss as an independent consultant for a company. Usually you are a representative of the company’s products, and you are authorized to sell the products earning a commission on the sales. The company allows you to use their name and usually provides marketing materials and training. Some examples of direct sales companies are Avon and Mary Kay. They use consultants or representatives to bring their products to their customers. The scrapbooking industry also has direct sales opportunities. Direct sales in scrapbooking could be your chance to turn your hobby into a business.

Direct sales in scrapbooking can make a good second income, and even give you the opportunity to purchase your own scrapbooking supplies at a substantial discount. If you want to work full time as a consultant, you can even develop a career in scrapbooking. Remember that being in business for yourself means your income may fluctuate. Before giving up your job, you need to research the direct sales opportunities carefully, and develop a strong client base before you rely solely on commissions for your income.

As you research scrapbooking direct sales companies, check each company’s policies and compare them. Some will not allow you to represent their products along with another company’s products. Others have high start-up costs or require you to purchase substantial inventory. You may find a company with a very low initial cost, but you also want to know how much inventory you are required to purchase on an ongoing basis to stay an active consultant.

Direct sales in scrapbooking companies vary on commission. You want to determine what your wholesale cost is for product compared to the retail sales price. This determines your product markup. Some companies only provide a 20% commission, and some go as high as 50%. You will often see higher percentages when you buy more inventory at one time. For example, a wholesale order of $100 may only provide you with $120 retail product, but with a $500 wholesale order you receive $750 of product at retail value. There usually are incentives to order more inventory with each order placement, like free promotional or marketing materials.

As an independent scrapbooking consultant, you will need to market your business. Most direct sales companies will provide you with training, catalogs and marketing materials. Decide how you will promote your business. Some possibilities are holding home scrapbooking parties, teaching classes or running an internet store. Find out if your business method conflicts with any of the sales policies for the company before you sign with them. For example, many direct sales companies don’t allow active consultants to sell their products on eBay.

Making money while you are scrapbooking may sound like a dream come true. It can certainly be an excellent source of income, but remember it is still a business, and running a business takes time. You may not have time to scrapbook while your business is first getting started. Consider all the direct sales in scrapbooking opportunities. Creative Memories, Close to My Heart and Stampin’ Up are a few of the larger scrapbooking direct sales companies. With some research online you can choose the direct sales in scrapbooking company that is right for you and your goals.

Principles Of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is one of those techniques that are here to stay. This very effective form of marketing your business is something that a lot of people can use to make their business profitable. I used to do direct mail heavily in the past, and I can tell you what works and what doesn’t.For me, my problem was my list. I didn’t look in the SRDS, I didn’t contact a reputable list broker, and instead, I got my list from some random guy out of a magazine. I order 2000 names, and when I finally mailed out to these people, I got a 20% undeliverable rate due to the fact that the owner no longer lives there, and that the list wasn’t up to date.If I had to do it all over again, I would do a lot of things differently. But nowadays direct mail is becoming so expensive to do, that I only use it to ship out the products that I sell (and even this is a hassle!). In this article, I want to share with you some of the things that you can do to see more sales and profits flowing into your business using direct mail.Here’s the first thing that you can do to make your direct mail campaign work.1) Find a reputable list brokerDon’t follow the same road I went down. If you are going to pick a mailing list from a list broker, make sure the company is legit. I dealt with 1 man who had a list, not a company – so you will more than likely be able to get a list that will improve your chances of success. Here’s another tip that I recommend.2) The SRDSThe SRDS stands for the “standard rate and data service”, and it’s something that you should put into use in your business today. With the SRDS, all you’re doing is selecting a list that has known to buy something. And ideally, you want to match the price point that they have bought at also.So for example, an example list that you could buy could be: “Men from California, aged 30-35, who have bought a product for $300 within the last 30 days.”You can get more specific with your list as you possibly can, but know that the more list specific you get with your list, the more it will cost you. But you shouldn’t be intimidated by this, because usually the more money you spend on a list, the more likely you’ll be able to convert more of these people into customers.Direct mail is something that isn’t mastered overnight. It takes some personal experience to really get the hang of it, and the more you do it, the more knowledgeable you will become with your direct mail marketing efforts.Hopefully you’ll be able to use these tips to earn as much money as possible in your business. It will be more than worth it – trust me on this.Good luck with using these tips to make more money in your business today.

Pricing Correctly in a Sellers Market

How many homeowners are currently overpriced compared to market??


People, people, people…… we are living, selling and buying in a much different time then we grew accustom to just a few years ago. With short sales. foreclosures, distressed sales, etc. we have experienced a severe depreciation effect – YES – the bubble burst….

Is that really news to anyone?

Unless you spent the past 3 years on the I.S.S it really shouldn’t be… Why then, are SO many homes priced out of the market? What is the thought process here? What is the strategy?

You are wasting your time!!!!

And more importantly, you are wasting the time of others – and in turn are now contributing to the Real Estate market we are all currently experiencing.

Would you pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas?

Of course not!! Am I crazy to even ask? Unfortunately if you are overpriced for the market, buyers will have the same gut reaction as you just had…. $450,000 for this home, when the one down the street JUST closed for $290,000??? What is this guy nuts? Why is he wasting my time, does he think I’m a jerk?

You are chasing the market!!

The longer you stay priced over and above fair market value the more you waste financially and emotionally. The added stress will take its toll on you – you will start pointing fingers – start believing that this market is truly “in the dumps” and may very possibly say “just take if off the market”

You are going to quit a race that you never entered!!!

Some of the list price’s I see now a days really astounds me…. I don’t know if its the doing of a bad agent that is simply “buying the listing” (this means to tell a seller you can far exceed market conditions, they then list with you in hopes of obtaining false hopes).

Or is it the homeowner that’s just “sticking to his guns” – if that’s the case, and you are NOT WILLING to accept current fair market value for your home…..


One of my favorite quotes came from an old friend of mine, now I’m sure he heard it elsewhere but it really condenses where I am coming from…..

“Market sets price, we do not”

This is true on so many levels, whether talking about homes, cars or broccoli – pricing is set by current demand for that product….not a tough concept to grasp.

If you really want to sell in this market – if you are serious about getting to a closing table……


If you are unsure if you are priced correctly – or if your agent has misinformed you on fair market value…..get in the car and drive!!!

Get on or look in the newspaper…..or contact me directly – find all comparable properties within a 5 mile radius (there should be plenty with the inventory levels we are experiencing) and PREVIEW THEM!!!


Compare your pricing to these specific homes…..are they “nicer” then your home? Do they have additional upgrades? More square footage? An extra bedroom, a nicer view??? If so, re evaluate where you stand price wise – it is truly in YOUR best interest….