The Exclusivity of Direct Selling

When you decide to become part of direct selling companies, you have to be ready for a unique and specialized form of marketing and sales. Entities involved in this trade offer close to 80 categories in commodities and services. These can be beauty and health products, clothes, fashion accessories, small appliances, home solutions, cook ware, items for beautification and, gardening. If you want to be successful in direct selling, it is important to opt for a product that you love and use personally.

Different Approach and Vision
Your first step is to get acquainted not only with the concept and techniques of direct selling but the company and goods as well. This can be done by going to product demonstrations or parties where sales consultants get the chance to introduce their merchandise. You also need to learn the company’s mission and vision, culture and way of life. Direct sellers, who love their products, are very capable of charming other people using their passion, sense of excitement and persuasive skills.

One of the finer parts of direct selling is the low cost for entry and you get a complete kit of product samples and other materials that you need to get started. Give it a try because you lose nothing and have everything to gain. Once you have selected the company that you feel will give you the satisfaction and financial gains you expect, then it is time start. You need to be adaptable but one of the first things to do is to arrange a schedule that will conform to your selling goals. This is what flexibility means when you sign up with direct selling companies.

Brand New Venture
Whatever your reasons are in getting into the world of directs selling; this is absolutely a brand new enterprise with different strategies. So you need to be ready for the new marketing concept. The training that comes with the direct selling experience is particularly important when it comes to making representations regarding the company, its products and services, and the expectations you may have when considering to become a direct seller.

Once you are part of this system, it is time to plan in building up your network in preparation for the widespread promotion of your products. You also need to identify high priority target customers. Likewise, devise a plan that will penetrate other target markets using your connections. It is advisable to study the success stories of other business units that have adopted this strategy.

The key benefit of becoming a member of direct selling companies is that you get hold of precious commodities to sell. All sales personnel are provided with substantial support in terms of marketing collaterals, sales proposals and promotional items. This technique is aimed at making the selling process easier for them. One basic guideline that you should consider before joining a direct selling firm is to join a firm that you are convinced will give you contentment and financial fulfillment. It is important to be well-informed about the features and benefits of the product that you will sell even before you start promoting it.

Pricing Correctly in a Sellers Market

How many homeowners are currently overpriced compared to market??


People, people, people…… we are living, selling and buying in a much different time then we grew accustom to just a few years ago. With short sales. foreclosures, distressed sales, etc. we have experienced a severe depreciation effect – YES – the bubble burst….

Is that really news to anyone?

Unless you spent the past 3 years on the I.S.S it really shouldn’t be… Why then, are SO many homes priced out of the market? What is the thought process here? What is the strategy?

You are wasting your time!!!!

And more importantly, you are wasting the time of others – and in turn are now contributing to the Real Estate market we are all currently experiencing.

Would you pay $5.00 for a gallon of gas?

Of course not!! Am I crazy to even ask? Unfortunately if you are overpriced for the market, buyers will have the same gut reaction as you just had…. $450,000 for this home, when the one down the street JUST closed for $290,000??? What is this guy nuts? Why is he wasting my time, does he think I’m a jerk?

You are chasing the market!!

The longer you stay priced over and above fair market value the more you waste financially and emotionally. The added stress will take its toll on you – you will start pointing fingers – start believing that this market is truly “in the dumps” and may very possibly say “just take if off the market”

You are going to quit a race that you never entered!!!

Some of the list price’s I see now a days really astounds me…. I don’t know if its the doing of a bad agent that is simply “buying the listing” (this means to tell a seller you can far exceed market conditions, they then list with you in hopes of obtaining false hopes).

Or is it the homeowner that’s just “sticking to his guns” – if that’s the case, and you are NOT WILLING to accept current fair market value for your home…..


One of my favorite quotes came from an old friend of mine, now I’m sure he heard it elsewhere but it really condenses where I am coming from…..

“Market sets price, we do not”

This is true on so many levels, whether talking about homes, cars or broccoli – pricing is set by current demand for that product….not a tough concept to grasp.

If you really want to sell in this market – if you are serious about getting to a closing table……


If you are unsure if you are priced correctly – or if your agent has misinformed you on fair market value…..get in the car and drive!!!

Get on or look in the newspaper…..or contact me directly – find all comparable properties within a 5 mile radius (there should be plenty with the inventory levels we are experiencing) and PREVIEW THEM!!!


Compare your pricing to these specific homes…..are they “nicer” then your home? Do they have additional upgrades? More square footage? An extra bedroom, a nicer view??? If so, re evaluate where you stand price wise – it is truly in YOUR best interest….

How to Be an Effective Ezine Magazine Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is all about making your presence felt in cyberspace. If you succeed in this endeavor, the rest of the journey is fairly simple. Ezine Magazine advertising is one of the best ways to make your product visible to online users. You just need to acquaint yourself with a few basics in ezine magazine affiliate marketing before you begin.In case you are a newbie and unfamiliar with online lingo, an ezine magazine refers to an electronic publication circulated to subscribers and it functions as a magazine for internet users. It can contain specific issues or a general address to readers. The moment an ezine get popular with online users, the number of subscribers gradually increases and so does the market share of the ezine.In such a situation, there is a lucrative opportunity for the publisher to sell space in the ezine and earn compensation in return. This benefits affiliates who can buy this online space and in turn allow the publisher to promote their products via the ezine. If you are wondering what the catch is, there is none. It is as straightforward as it appears to be!The main concern that should occupy your mind as an affiliate is the length of the ezine. Ezines can be only a few paragraphs worth or extend to few pages providing links to other websites. Affiliates should choose for longer ezines since they offer external links which render them more value. An affiliate has three options for an ad to be placed in the ezine. They are categorized as:- The Classified Ad
- The Top Sponsor Ad
- The Solo AdThe classified ad contains minimal advertising space and is available at a nominal cost. The top sponsor ad can cost a good bit more but it typically gets more “eyes balls” and traffic because it is pretty much the most noticeable ad on the page. If you want the maximum benefit from your ezine affiliate program then you should opt for a solo ad since its length is suited to your convenience. It has a greater effect on users because it is typically mailed separately from the ezine, hence the term “solo” ad. With this one the whole list is looking at your ad only (if they open the email) so choose which ezines you decide to market with carefully.Here is a tip for with you can make your online business the envy of many others:Give Your Customers More Free StuffNo kidding. When you run an ad frequently it should be just to attract subscribers to your list because the ad will be for a free eBook or video, but in order to get it they will have to opt-in to your marketing list. Now you can market directly to them over and over again.