Brick and Mortar Businesses Need Small Business Email Marketing

There’s a pretty persistent myth among some people that the tactics and strategies you use in making money online are only good for making money online- that for instance you can’t use small business email marketing for a restaurant.

Obviously most large businesses and corporations have learned all about making money online and employ internet marketing strategies and direct email marketing, but most small brick and mortar businesses just haven’t caught on to the immense power that they can tap into by better leveraging these techniques for successful small business email marketing campaigns.

Essentially, the same rules apply for online businesses as brick and mortar businesses. The more customers you have, the more money you make. You get customers by converting prospects. A prospect is someone who is interested in what you offer, and a customer is a prospect who ends up buying from you. This is true whether you’re selling e-books or steak dinners.

Unfortunately, brick and mortar businesses aren’t always good at connecting with all of their customers. A lot of times they don’t even keep any official track of who buys from them. Sometimes they do keep a list and use it to send out mailers and flyers when they want to attract repeat business, but when they don’t have a list they have to count on their customers seeing more general advertisements about deals and sales and promotions.

Online marketers are generally very good at keeping an email marketing list that they easily contact with a few clicks. The thing is- brick and mortar businesses can learn a thing or two from them and be very successful with a good email marketing campaign.

If you have a brick and mortar business, all you have to do is collect the e-mail addresses of people who come into your store or restaurant. This will be your email marketing list, and the base of your small business email marketing campaign.

At the very least, you can send a message out to this list whenever you have a promotion or something special going on with your business. You can take your direct email marketing even further though and regularly send out email messages to your customers, and not just leverage the list when you are selling something.

Using this strategy you can build a lot of affection, trust and loyalty between you and your customers. Keeping them in the loop and talking to them once every week or two through your email marketing campaign will make them feel a real personal relationship with you and your business, and that will make your more sale-oriented messages that much more powerful, effective, and profitable.

5 Things You Must Have to Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing

Some people aren’t the type to sit back and let fate run it’s course. They want to take their destiny into their own hands. It’s no surprise that they want to guide this ship we call life, themselves, and take it to the places that they want to go. The idea of riding a ship to a fantastic destination excites many people, so the idea of actually being able to pilot that ship in any direction gives people the courage to take that initiative.

This may be the reason that more and more people are turning to one of the fastest growing business around- affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers enjoy the freedom of not having a boss who looks over their shoulder. They have no deadlines to meet, and there is an absence of clutter and work to sort through. You only need to have the tools necessary to succeed in this type of business, and you are bound to achieve your dreams.

So what is vital for you to succeed in affiliate marketing? What characteristics do you need in order to make it in this industry? It is a highly competitive field, and to rise above the competition, you must posses the right stuff to carry you to the top. There are five key things that every affiliate marketer needs to possess in order to make it in this industry. They are essential to achieving the goals that you have for yourself, and thus realizing your hopes and dreams for this job.

First and foremost, a person must have a willingness to learn and be trained if he or she is going to give this type of business a try. Unfamiliar territory can become quite overwhelming to most, especially if they are not properly equipped to handle what comes their way. Affiliate marketing can be considered a high stakes game, where knowledge of all of the tricks of the trade, works to the players advantage in the business.

People who wish to make it in this field must also possess the willingness and determination to invest the time and effort it takes, even if the results you seek are slow in coming. It’s important to not get discouraged. Once you have your foot in the door, you need to wait it out. Remember that it may take several months before you ever receive any good news. Getting discouraged and quitting is simply a waste of yourself and your time. So don’t give up!

The third essential quality that you must have is self-determination. You must be able to push yourself on if you are ever going to make it. An affiliate marketer must never say never. Determination is the affiliate marketer’s best tool to push himself to achieve greater heights.

Discipline is the fourth essential quality crucial to becoming successful in the field. You must teach yourself to work everyday with all of the energy you can muster. This disciple and work ethic will allow you to reach your full potential and achieve your desires.

Optimism is the fifth necessary quality that person should possess. Rise above the negative attitudes and hear says that would other wise discourage you from reaching your goals. You can achieve you goals and make a better life for yourself. You just need to keep the right attitude, and make it happen! Don’t let others influence you attitude toward business. Once you board that ship you are the captain, and you are the one who decides which direction to take it.

There are many things that make up a successful affiliate marketer. The most important one is realizing that you have what it takes inside of you to actually make a successful career for yourself in affiliate marketing. You have the ability to make it in this field; you simply need to realize your potential and have the desire to work for it.

Affiliate marketing requires taking your fate into your own hands. With the right attitude you can pilot you ship in any direction that you choose. Think of how nice it will be to head toward a life full of calmness and tranquil seas.

Local Social Media Marketing – Connect With Customers Grow Your Business

Marketing and advertising can be expensive, which is the last thing your small business needs in the current economy. Social media offers tools for promotion that require little or no money, but do require the know how to make it work in your favor. Since today’s average consumer is more computer-savvy than ever, it’s worth it to take the time to learn how local social media marketing can work for you.Establishing YourselfAs part of your local internet marketing plan, getting started with can be as simple as setting up and promoting a Facebook Page and Twitter account for your business. Include “Follow Us on Facebook” and the address of your Twitter feed at the bottom of business cards or flyer to remind patrons to look you up later and comment on their visit. This helps establish the online presence of your company and can begin to generate related content that has the potential to draw new consumers.Social Media Marketing StatisticsWith over 1.5 million content links being shared on Facebook every day, it’s not surprising that people have turned to local social media marketing for their businesses. As many as 88% of marketers are currently using it as a promotional tool. The popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with the growing number of blogs and local mobile usage, makes the internet a prime candidate for advertising.Roughly 78% of consumers trust recommendations from friends over traditional advertisements, meaning that potential customers are more likely to believe feedback on your Facebook Page than your latest spot in the yellow pages. What people say about your products and services on the internet has a growing impact on your company as a whole.Local Social Media Marketing for GrowthLocal social media marketing means targeting close to home and marketing directly to consumers in your area. Something as simple as tweeting about how your cafe’s hot spiced cider combats the current cold weather can draw people to stop by. This kind of marketing allows you to:* use festivals, holidays, historical events, and more as opportunities for promotion* post and promote short-term coupons and specials* make special announcements about upcoming new products, seasonal sales, and on-site events* have real-time conversations with patrons about what they like and what needs improvementBenefits of Local Social Media MarketingWhen you use social media marketing to target locally, you have a chance to develop a personal relationship with potential and existing customers. Rather than the distant, one-size-fits-all marketing from big corporations, your small business can connect and speak directly to the consumer instantly. They can ask questions and leave feedback via Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to form a picture of how people are experiencing your service and products. This information makes it easy to respond to customer wants and needs, which builds your reputation as a friendly and consumer-oriented establishment.This growing trend makes local social media marketing a viable tool for small business promotion. Engaging in this media can draw new patrons, bring existing ones back, and establish growing internet visibility for your company.