Successful Online Marketing Businesses – What Do 5% Do That the Other 95% Do Not?

Network marketers can be divided up into 95% and 5% groups. Ninety-five percent spend money, and more money, and more money, until they either get discouraged and give up, or are too broke to continue. Not many make it past the ninety-day mark in their internet marketing business. Fewer make it past the one-year mark. What gives? Isn’t online marketing supposed to be the money-making dreamland?

On the other hand, the five percent folks are making a killing — to some degree from the funds the 95% spend to gain the answers to their barren-bank-account dilemma. What makes the difference? What are the five-percenters doing that the 95%ers aren’t?

Ready? This is where I reveal the big secret. It all boils down to one … maybe two things.

1. ACTION. Read that again, ok? Action. The biggest “secret” I can share is that successful online marketers take action each day toward their goals. They do something each and every day to build out their marketing campaigns, coach their teams, connect with their leads. The results are cumulative over time. A successful marketer knows that the work they do today will yield results, maybe not today, but it will yield results. Don’t give up. Keep at it. Take action on some aspect of your business every day. The 95%ers spend money on great materials for their business, but they fail miserably when it comes to implementing what they learn. Don’t just think about it — do it!

2. Personal Growth. I know, I know. You thought I might be sharing some wisdom about how to trick a prospect into saying “yes” to your opportunity. Nope. The idea here is that the more you learn and grow into someone who is perceived as a leader, the more you will find yourself sought after. Yep, people who are interested in your opportunity will come looking for you. You won’t have to go searching for them, or randomly blasting e-mail or hounding family and friends. Read books. Lots of books. Marketing books, leadership books, books on business, books on relationships. Work from the inside out. Who you are speaks much louder than what you do. People are looking for a leader, for someone they can trust. If you can be that person, your marketing life will get a whole lot easier.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just implementing these two items in your online marketing business, but if you do, your chances of being a successful internet business entrepreneur can skyrocket.

Take Advantage of Self Directed IRA Real Estate Opportunities and Rescue Your Retirement Savings

Are you worried about not having enough money saved up for when you finally decide to retire?  Unfortunately, you’re not the only one that feels this way.  Seeing that around 80% of all retirement investment are put into the stock market and other common securities, everyone is feeling the effects of the stock market “crash.”  However, you don’t have to sit around for 10-20 years waiting for your retirement account to return to a normal level.  A great way to make up for all the money taken away from your retirement account is taking advantage of truly self directed IRA real estate investments.

First off, what is a truly self directed IRA?  A truly self directed IRA is one that you have sole control over.  You choose what your savings is invested in, and you also have a much wider range of investments to take advantage of. 

Sadly, not even 4% of all IRA holders choose to take this retirement route.  Most people are afraid of controlling their own investments, thinking that it takes too much time, work, and energy to do.  But this is hardly the case.

If you find the right custodian to help you with your account, then investing with a truly self directed IRA is pretty easy to do.  Sure, at first you’ll want to educate yourself on different kinds of investments and opportunities.  Or even better, you can find a well-respected and experienced company that will educate you on everything involved in the process (more on this later).

Truly self directed IRA real estate investments are now one of the best ways to get a high return on your investment dollars.  In fact, it’s not surprising if your ROI ends up being 20%, 30%, or higher. 

Another reason self directed IRA real estate investing is so promising is because foreclosures are at an all time high, and prices are at ROCK BOTTOM levels.  This gives you a great opportunity to find high-quality homes at  great bargains (that is, if you know where to look).

You may not have known it, but self directed IRA real estate investing has been an option for every IRA holder since the IRA was established in 1974.  But in light of the housing market burst and the current economic situation that has developed within the past years, it’s popularity has increased.  And even better, it’s become even easier to take advantage of.

What if I told you that you could take advantage of all the knowledge and connections of a well-established company to make self directed IRA real estate investing a “hands-off” process on your part?  What if all you had to do is place your money (either cash or funds rolled over from another retirement account) into a truly self directed IRA; tell your custodian what you want to invest in with your funds; and collect your returns within a few months time?

Are you getting excited yet?  Well you SHOULD BE!

Mortgage Direct Mail

Direct Mail has long been a proven and reliable marketing strategy for many of the most successful mortgage companies in the industry. If you’re considering a Direct Mail campaign, here are the top five things you should know before you make that important investment:

1) Target the Most Qualified Prospects

Successful Direct Mail all starts with the list. Sounds simple, but it’s true. About half of your investment goes to postage, so why spend it on unqualified prospects? Credit Bureau data assures that the borrowers you attract are already qualified based on a tight set of guidelines including: verified FICO scores, mortgage types, balances, payment history, and personal credit. Loan officers shouldn’t have to worry about wasting their valuable time chasing unqualified prospects.

2) Create a Compelling Mail Piece

No need to re-invent the Direct Mail wheel here. Qualified borrowers just want to know the bottom line, specifically “what’s in it for me?” A no-nonsense comparison of monthly payment savings works to get the message across clearly and concisely. It involves a simple formula of calculating monthly savings – based on their mortgage data, prompting a call for a free quote. As for format, a personal and confidential snap-pack style mailer will help improve your open rate – as opposed to an envelope that screams “advertisement” and gets quickly tossed to the junk mail pile.

3) Control Your Own Timing

Every Direct Mail marketer wants to know “when will my phone start ringing?” Truth is, no one can say exactly. Timing is everything, and the best way to control that timing is to spread out the drops to arrive daily and consistently. A weekly mail drop of at least 5K is recommended, so a significant sample can arrive on that magic day. Is it when the two spouses finally sit down to discuss their finances? Maybe it’s the day that big credit card bill shows up. Or maybe it’s when the neighbors boast about the new mortgage that saved them hundreds per month.

4) Maximize Your Budget

Let’s face it, Direct Mail isn’t cheap. It is, however, one of the most proven ways to generate a steady stream of revenue. Think about it, even at the most conservative response rates, you’re talking to pre-screened, qualified prospects calling you directly to apply for a mortgage – imagine how great that conversion rate can be. Another way to spread your mail budget is to ask for volume discounts by pre-paying for the list and printing cost upfront. Also, postage is a pass-through cost, and in most cases can be paid up to the time of each drop date – meaning up to 1/2 of your budget can be deferred over time.

5) Choose the Right Partner

It’s amazing how many marketers have been burned by unscrupulous business partners. Don’t let that happen to you (again?). Mortgage Direct Mail can and will succeed when managed properly. Let’s recap how to accomplish that: target the right prospects, develop a compelling mail piece, control your timing, maximize your budget, and choose the right partner.