The Exclusivity of Direct Selling

When you decide to become part of direct selling companies, you have to be ready for a unique and specialized form of marketing and sales. Entities involved in this trade offer close to 80 categories in commodities and services. These can be beauty and health products, clothes, fashion accessories, small appliances, home solutions, cook ware, items for beautification and, gardening. If you want to be successful in direct selling, it is important to opt for a product that you love and use personally.

Different Approach and Vision
Your first step is to get acquainted not only with the concept and techniques of direct selling but the company and goods as well. This can be done by going to product demonstrations or parties where sales consultants get the chance to introduce their merchandise. You also need to learn the company’s mission and vision, culture and way of life. Direct sellers, who love their products, are very capable of charming other people using their passion, sense of excitement and persuasive skills.

One of the finer parts of direct selling is the low cost for entry and you get a complete kit of product samples and other materials that you need to get started. Give it a try because you lose nothing and have everything to gain. Once you have selected the company that you feel will give you the satisfaction and financial gains you expect, then it is time start. You need to be adaptable but one of the first things to do is to arrange a schedule that will conform to your selling goals. This is what flexibility means when you sign up with direct selling companies.

Brand New Venture
Whatever your reasons are in getting into the world of directs selling; this is absolutely a brand new enterprise with different strategies. So you need to be ready for the new marketing concept. The training that comes with the direct selling experience is particularly important when it comes to making representations regarding the company, its products and services, and the expectations you may have when considering to become a direct seller.

Once you are part of this system, it is time to plan in building up your network in preparation for the widespread promotion of your products. You also need to identify high priority target customers. Likewise, devise a plan that will penetrate other target markets using your connections. It is advisable to study the success stories of other business units that have adopted this strategy.

The key benefit of becoming a member of direct selling companies is that you get hold of precious commodities to sell. All sales personnel are provided with substantial support in terms of marketing collaterals, sales proposals and promotional items. This technique is aimed at making the selling process easier for them. One basic guideline that you should consider before joining a direct selling firm is to join a firm that you are convinced will give you contentment and financial fulfillment. It is important to be well-informed about the features and benefits of the product that you will sell even before you start promoting it.

Social Media Marketing – Do What You Are Good at, Outsource the Rest

The decision to outsource your social media will come because of one of two main reasons, there are lots but here are what I believe to be the two Main reasons. You do not have enough knowledge to do it properly yourself or you know what you are doing but do not have enough time. Does either of those describe you?

When you concentrate on what you do best in your business which is most likely the part that actually makes the money then you are focusing on the important part. You are in business to make money right? You are MUCH more effective, can get more done in less time when you are working on the part of your business that you are really good at.

You will become much more comfortable with the idea of outsourcing your Social Media Marketing when you put procedures and processes in place. When you sit down and think of the process from start to finish, what do YOU want? What does it look like? How can you tell along the way when you are getting value? I am sure these questions and many more have come to mind when you think about outsourcing. However there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done!! You know you need help. You need to concentrate on what YOU are good at and have someone else do the rest.

To put your mind at ease, to confirm to yourself that you are getting your money’s worth here are 3 things you can do up front to help…

1) take the time to find someone who knows what they are doing, if you go out and pick the first person you see you could very likely be setting both them and you up for failure. They may never be able to meet your expectations. Take the time to find someone who is a good fit for you. There will be a lot less headaches and hassle on the back end by putting in this time and effort up front.

2) Provide very specific directions, the very first time I hired a virtual assistant this is where I could have done a better job. Your directions must be in writing, who ever remembers all the details of a conversation without written notes. It is in your best interest to write out your specific directions before having the conversation. That way when you do speak you are both looking at the same thing and any misunderstandings can be cleared up right away.

3) Have a picture in your mind about what a good job looks like. Do this work up front, that way you will be able to describe what you want done to someone more effectively.

BONUS TIP Be sure to have dead lines for your projects that also have consequences if things are not completed in a timely manner.

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Make Money With Direct Sales in Scrapbooking

Direct sales allow you to be your own boss as an independent consultant for a company. Usually you are a representative of the company’s products, and you are authorized to sell the products earning a commission on the sales. The company allows you to use their name and usually provides marketing materials and training. Some examples of direct sales companies are Avon and Mary Kay. They use consultants or representatives to bring their products to their customers. The scrapbooking industry also has direct sales opportunities. Direct sales in scrapbooking could be your chance to turn your hobby into a business.

Direct sales in scrapbooking can make a good second income, and even give you the opportunity to purchase your own scrapbooking supplies at a substantial discount. If you want to work full time as a consultant, you can even develop a career in scrapbooking. Remember that being in business for yourself means your income may fluctuate. Before giving up your job, you need to research the direct sales opportunities carefully, and develop a strong client base before you rely solely on commissions for your income.

As you research scrapbooking direct sales companies, check each company’s policies and compare them. Some will not allow you to represent their products along with another company’s products. Others have high start-up costs or require you to purchase substantial inventory. You may find a company with a very low initial cost, but you also want to know how much inventory you are required to purchase on an ongoing basis to stay an active consultant.

Direct sales in scrapbooking companies vary on commission. You want to determine what your wholesale cost is for product compared to the retail sales price. This determines your product markup. Some companies only provide a 20% commission, and some go as high as 50%. You will often see higher percentages when you buy more inventory at one time. For example, a wholesale order of $100 may only provide you with $120 retail product, but with a $500 wholesale order you receive $750 of product at retail value. There usually are incentives to order more inventory with each order placement, like free promotional or marketing materials.

As an independent scrapbooking consultant, you will need to market your business. Most direct sales companies will provide you with training, catalogs and marketing materials. Decide how you will promote your business. Some possibilities are holding home scrapbooking parties, teaching classes or running an internet store. Find out if your business method conflicts with any of the sales policies for the company before you sign with them. For example, many direct sales companies don’t allow active consultants to sell their products on eBay.

Making money while you are scrapbooking may sound like a dream come true. It can certainly be an excellent source of income, but remember it is still a business, and running a business takes time. You may not have time to scrapbook while your business is first getting started. Consider all the direct sales in scrapbooking opportunities. Creative Memories, Close to My Heart and Stampin’ Up are a few of the larger scrapbooking direct sales companies. With some research online you can choose the direct sales in scrapbooking company that is right for you and your goals.